Who’s that in my garden?

Our team at Werthmüller Gartenbau is synonymous with careful planning, meticulous realisation, conscienious care and maintenance. A team that includes landscape architects, planners, garden designers and gardeners; a team that comprises work groups for new installations and for garden care; a team that values solid competence and continuing education. And at Werthmüller Gartenbau, we invest in the future by hosting one or more apprentices at all times. Finally, we regard friendliness and consideration for our customers not as window dressing, but as a cornerstone for our company’s success and growth.

Johannes van Puijenbroek

Native of Winterthur, born 1979; apprenticed as landscape gardener from 1996 to 1999, enrolled concurrently at a vocational school of design (gestalterischer Berufsmittelschule); studied landscape architecture in Rapperswil from 2001 bis 2005; founded his own firm in 2006 and owner, since 2012, of Werthmüller Gartenbau GmbH.


Anne van Puijenbroek, Administration