We’re the special-wish specialists.

Anything goes. Whatever you want in your garden, whatever you want for your garden: we can make it happen. There are literally unlimited ways you can make your garden your very own. Some examples:

People places

For surfaces where people move or congregate, we prefer natural materials. Whether for a quiet bench area, or a garden path, or stairsteps, or even paved ways for wheeled access: we know the material most suitable for your intended use, both day-to-day and long-term. And we do a professional job laying them.


Add night-time accents. In cooperation with our partner staub designlight we offer a comprehensive collection of high-quality garden lighting elements allowing you to heighten your garden’s appeal at every time of day, in every season.


A wall incorporates both strength and form. As an element of structure, it may retain a slope; as an element of design, it apportions space. We can create the perfect solution for your garden. And you can be sure the skill of our experienced landscaping professionals will display the beauty of your chosen materials – natural stone, for example – to the best advantage.

And if you have something else in mind,
just ask!