Good people. There for you when you need them.

We work with selected, proven, enthusiastic specialists from throughout the “green professions”. These are partners we can depend on as confidently as we do ourselves. In addition, we are all members of BNI, a worldwide (but locally organised) recommendation network of companies that allows us to find and retain the right people for any project, when and where they’re needed.

Our network includes:

Bärlocher Steinbruch und Steinhauerei AG, Buchen-Staad
Baumschule Hämmig, Egg
Fontarocca-Schmid AG Natursteine, Mönchaltorf
Koran + Co. Bewässerungen, Grüningen
P. De Zanet & Co. AG Natursteine, Uznach
Schmid Kran AG, Grüningen
Schneider Umweltservice AG, Meilen
staub designlight ag, Stansstad
Vogt Stauden, Erlenbach