Diligence and dedication: our best tools.

A garden is alive. It changes with every minute, every ray of sun, every breath of air. This insight lies at the core of our garden care services: we treat your garden with respect, and with a view to its healthy development in the long term. We think of ourselves as your garden’s “personal trainer”. Established gardens in particular need the trained eye and specialised know-how of an experienced gardener in order to preserve their vitality and character.

But new gardens, too, need competent care to support their growth and development. Whatever the demand, we have the plan. We offer “fitness packages” to get your garden in trim for the coming season, as well as complete “subscriptions” for year-round maintenance. Most of our clients are steady customers, so we know just what they need and expect – though of course we are also there for them if they come up with a special wish.

We are your garden’s “personal trainer”.
Just relax and enjoy it.