Our emphases: beauty, quality, service.

Care in planning, perfection in the execution, passion in nursing: The distinguished team of Werthmüller Horticulture from.

These include landscape architects, planners, landscape architects and horticulturists. From these, we have a working group for new and formed for the maintenance; In addition, we train always one or even several apprentices. We pay attention to solid education and constant training. And see friendliness not as nice additions, but as a prerequisite for success and growth of our company.

We’re specialists with regard to beautiful gardens –
but generalists with regard to perfect cooperation.

Our mission statement is quite simple: “To plan, realise and care for the beautiful gardens of our enthusiastic clients”. That’s the way it’s been since 1968, when garden designer Christian Werthmüller founded the company. That’s the way it stayed after landscape architect Johannes van Puijenbroek joined in 2006.

Owner and general manager since 2012, Johannes sees the company today as a service provider committed to the proprietors of private gardens and balconies, as well as the partner of planners, architects and general contractors engaged in both public and private projects; as a partner that thinks along with you but also thinks ahead; one that is flexible and always cooperative in its dealings with other companies and trades. In short: a partner you can completely rely on.